Our mission

Sharing inspiring and educational knowledge is at the heart of our mission. We put our expertise in visual creation and social sciences at the service of those who want to present, train, communicate, or inform in a precise, relevant, enlightened, and eco-responsible way.

Our story

LaSlide is a Montreal-based project that took shape after several years working with speakers, salespeople, business executives, and various internal departments. Our content strategies, our corporate-oriented academic approach, our pedagogical engineering expertise, and our outstanding presentation designs have resulted in many “success stories”. Encouraged by rave reviews surrounding our services, La Slide was born.

Very close to the university environment, our team is at the heart of research and trends.

Our values

We are guided by six driving values that aim to create lasting and trusted human relations:

Attentive listening

Listening is the foundation of interpersonal relationships, because listening is understanding and feeling. This is the first step in creating a harmonious collaboration.

Family at the heart of the company

La Slide is a family business. We always seek to innovate to facilitate work / family balance and we base our working relationships on trust and autonomy.

The voice of introverts

At the same time a mission and a value, to accompany the voice of the introverts aims at transforming the current way of expressing oneself in public, exclusively turning them into extroverts.


Our goal is to find the right balance between the needs of the project and our efforts to be effective and fair in the results we achieve.


La Slide has in place a set of strategies to reduce its environmental impact, thanks to zero waste, a reduction in its digital footprint, and eco-friendly suppliers and sustainable products.

Context-specific Creativity

Demonstrate boldness and creativity in the context defined by the customer's request. It is within a project's limits that the imagination draws on new resources.