Keynote design and PowerPoint

Mondou carries out numerous presentations internally and externally. They use our designer to create clear and powerful visuals. Slides are animated and rather complex information is designed according to an aesthetic logic that makes reading it easier.


Branding, Contents and Training Tools

La Slide has created a distinctive brand in line with the values and mission of the company (logo, graphic chart, colours...) For the sake of training offered by Goduko, La Slide participated in the co-creation of educational content as well as the design  of exercises (notebook) and marketing tools to promote the workshop (one pager, business cards...)


Presentation loop

iPhœnix wanted to show a looping message at their exhibition table at the Zero Waste Festival.

La Slide researched the data, organized the content, and created an animated "loop" presentation on Keynote that could be displayed on a computer screen and on a TV screen after turning it into video.

Amplio Strategies

Design Keynote

Amplio Strategies wants to have a Keynote presentation on its branding to provide training and advice on business growth. Our designer creates an animated and dynamic solution that makes reading of this information easy.



Karelab (acquired by Altrum Reconnaissance in 2016) wanted to obtain information documents on the themes of recognition in the workplace, the job market in Quebec, and gamification in business. Paola, an anthropologist and the president of La Slide, conducted research to gather a set of weighty documents (theses, dissertations, books, and scientific articles) and write up high-value E-Books. This increased the number of visits to the company's website and raised brand awareness and trust.